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Advancement of Technology Centre
Shivani Locks has a dedicated centre for technology advancement undertaking typical projects as listed herewith:
Enhancing Functional Capability of existing products as per Latest Technology.
Developing aggregates as per Customer's Technology.
Developing Product Specifications to meet Global Requirements.
Conducting DFMEA and validating the products in Test Center.
Testing the Products as per Specification.
This center is equipped with UG Solid edge & VISI Cad Design soft wares.
This center has in-house Test & Product Validation Facility.


Product Development Centre
This center equipped with Project Monitoring Solutions, ensures timely development of products.
Product development through various stages, starting from Preliminary Prototyping Stage to Final Production Launch.
This Center is the Custodian of the APQP & PPAP activities for all the products.
This center is the nodal point of coordinating the development effort of various departments.


Tool Engineering Centre
Planning and Establishing Manufacturing Processes and Designing of tools and tooling aids to match the production volume requirements. Tool design center is equipped with VISI CAD Stations.
Manufacturing the Tools & Tooling Aids.
This Center is equipped with CNC Wire cut EDM, CNC machining centers & other conventional machines for Tool Manufacturing


Manufacturing Engineering Centre
This center is manned with Electronics and Computer Engineers to support the ZERO DEFECT Endeavour of Shivani Locks Team.
This center is engaged in planning & designing for special purpose equipments to assure the quality of products and enhance the productivity.
Center has Pro/E, Solid edge and Lab View softwares
The Center is engaged in designing and manufacturing the following Special Purpose Machines & Equipments:
Computer Controlled Online Product Characteristics monitoring machines
Productivity enhancing equipments.
Poka-Yoke / Defect Proofing Equipments.


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Advancement of Technology Centre
Product Development Centre
Tool Engineering Centre
Manufacturing engineering Centre
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